Refund Policy

Make Sure and Value our refund policy before opt us!

By offering quality proof refund policy at, that make sure you obtain a refund whenever you want. We also provide our users free trial version to view in multi times.

We engage refund asks for in the accompanying situations:

  1. When the writer doesn’t know about the deadlines.
  2. The paper was copied
  3. The nature of the paper was not according to our request.
  4. Change was not acceptable
  5. The un-reputable agents did not response your mails or calls on your expected time.

We view it as our customer’s entitlement to ask for a refund; however an ultimate choice must be completed by the Quality Assurance Department. The request will be acceptable within 7 days when the last item is reached. The QAD will finally approve and re-back your money within 10 to 15 days.

Refund Policy is designed in a way that will return 9o% amount of the total.